Hardwood flooring adds warmth and charm to your decor


With all the different options available for your floors, choosing the right product can be very confusing. For some consumers hardwood flooring is the only choice that provides  the unmistakable warmth and timeless beauty that only real wood can provide. We are wanting to provide you with some valuable information to see if you fall in this category. Hardwood floors are never out of fashion and add real value to your home. In a national survey of real estate agents, 90% said that houses with hardwood flooring sell faster and for higher prices than homes without. Bruce hardwood flooring is the number 1 best selling, most recognized brand in the world. They have redefined tradition by bringing affordable luxury into people’ s homes.


Many interior designers today prefer hardwood floors as the base layer and then add an area rug to enhance and add color to a room’ s dé cor.  The shade of hardwood flooring you choose can dramatically change the look of your room. Lighter colors of hardwood can make a room appear larger and more spacious and also lighten up a room that does not have a lot of natural light. Dark tones can create a warmer and more intimate feel for a room and are great for rooms with a lot of natural light. Hardwood comes in a variety of strip and plank options. Strip flooring is 21/4” wide and can be used to visually enlarge the size of a room. Plank flooring comes in varying widths starting at 3” and is often used to enhance a larger room. A width should be chosen that is in keeping with the scale of the room. A traditional less formal look can be obtained by using different plank widths ranging between 3.5.7.” Homeowners, builders and interior designers trust Bruce hardwood flooring for quality and  high style from a wide range of choices – more than 200 styles, colors of engineered and solid wood flooring in strips, planks, and parquets. The Bruce collection spans the best of both traditional species and a growing number of specialty hardwoods.


Wood Flooring On Sale


With advances in the industry customizing your wood floor is easier and more affordable than ever before. Today’ s hardwoods come in a much wider selection of colors, wood species, and widths. Besides the classic North American varieties (like red oak, white oak, maple and ash) many manufacturers like Bruce hardwood flooring offer exotic hardwood species from all over the world. You can let your creative juices flow and create your own one of a kind look with simple upgrades such as borders, medallions, hand-distressing, painted floors, mixed media and exotic wood species. Home owners looking to use hardwood floors have their choice of three different types.  These are Solid Hardwood Flooring, Engineered Hardwood flooring and Longstrip Hardwood Flooring.  The end results may look the same but there are distinct advantages for using each type so please check out wood flooring for more information on each type. Manufacturing of hardwoods has improved dramatically over the years therefore they are more durable and adaptable to various areas within the home.


Most factory finished hardwood floors have 6-10 coats of finish on them which would be hard to duplicate on site. This is why pre-finished Bruce hardwood flooring has become so popular as it saves hours of labor and clean-up. Today’ s state-of-the-art technology and the vast array of choices of today’ s stains, finishes, styles and designs makes hardwood floors one of the most practical and versatile floor coverings today. Their maintenance today has become much easier with modern finishes. So no matter which hardwood you choose, you can be confident you’ ll have years of enjoyment. Online wouldn’ t be the first place most consumers would go to look for wood flooring but they should as online companies are able to offer such great prices due to lower overhead. Check out some of the selected merchants below who offer a great selection of wood floors.





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