APC cork flooring not only looks great but is extremely environmentally friendly 

APC cork flooring provides the consumer with a very unique look and is extremely environmentally friendly. It is produced from the bark of cork oak trees that only grow in Mediterranean forests such as Spain and Portugal. These trees have a lifespan of 500 years and the cork is harvested every 10 years never damaging the tree.

The durability and ease of maintenance of APC cork flooring is way up on the list besides its great appearance. The extreme comfort that this flooring provides as cork gives under compression then bounces back makes it a popular product. These floors if cared for properly will last for decades. Suberin a natural product in the bark makes these floors naturally fire resistant, antimicrobial and insect repellant even termites.

APC cork flooring is produced by APC Cork one of the leaders in providing cork to North America for commercial and residential use. The millions of air cells in cork make it a great insulator acoustically reducing impact noises and giving you a quiet tranquil home. With all the great attributes of cork flooring such as warmth, comfort, ease of maintenance, reasonable priced it is not wonder it has become such a popular choice.

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