BSL hardwood flooring is manufactured with regards for the environment


BSL Wood Products based in eastern Quebec maintains its concern and respect for natural resources when manufacturing BSL hardwood flooring. They make unique hardwood floors that have character and still care about the environment. They manufacture four species of hardwoods known for their durability and great appearance.


One of the species of BSL hardwood flooring is birch which has a beautiful fine grain with honey colored wood. Birch adds brightness and light to a room that would enhance any décor. Another popular species is maple due to its hardness and beauty. Red oak also known for its hardness and rich sapwood creates a warm and inviting environment.


If a richer hue is desired BSL hardwood flooring has cherry which creates a warm sophisticated look for your décor. These floors are manufactured with strict quality control at every stage to ensure that they will last. BSL Wood Products is an industry leader committed to providing high quality floors while caring for the environment.

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