Balterio laminate flooring has textures that look, feel and sound like real hardwood 

Balterio laminate flooring provides you with textures that look, feel and sound like real hardwood flooring in a hard wearing tough surface. You get the great appearance of wood without the price and upkeep of wood. Balterio laminate offers you a wide range of decorating options through a wide selection of colors and styles. They take pride in their floorings durability and offer long-lasting warranties.

Installation of Balterio laminate flooring is extremely easy and 25% faster with their Click Xpress system. This system allows panels to click together easily providing an attractive solid seamless surface. The ease and speed of installation is a benefit to the consumer and professional. Your floor is ready for use as soon as it is installed. Installation is so easy that if you decide to move or are renovation just taking the laminate out and put it back when you’re ready.

Balterio laminate flooring is made in a state of the art plant in Belgium and the Baltogroup apply the highest standards to their product. Resistance to stains, scratches and moisture are obtained by a wear resistant surface coupled together with a strong core.
This ensures your floor will be looking great after years of daily wear and tear. When you want a great combination of value, quality and style check out Balterio laminate.

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