Bamtex bamboo flooring offers a unique elegance with a beautiful grain and color 

Bamtex bamboo flooring is desired by consumers due to its unique elegance and beautiful grain and color. Bamtex is the trademark of Wood Flooring International’s line of bamboo floors which was introduced in 1997 to North America. It is very popular among environmentally conscious people who want a green and sustainable product as an alternative to wood floors.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing species and reaches maturity in 5-6 years which makes it a sustainable resource. The Mao bamboo is the only type used to make Bamtex bamboo flooring due to its density, structure, strength and color. This bamboo is harvested in a controlled manner from a forest in Southern China where it is never clear cut but harvested in a manner that has minimal impact on the forest. Bamboo has been used in China for over 4000 years and China is the largest producer.

Bamtex bamboo flooring is elegant with its unique grain pattern either in its natural light-tan color or in a carbonized color of a medium honey-brown. Bamtex is available in vertical, horizontal or strand configurations. Carbonized color is obtained through a steam and heating process without the use of dyes and stains. Check out this great environmentally friendly product.

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