Durapalm flooring gives the green set a dark exotic look

Consumers that are building green have another renewable resource namely Durapalm flooring to consider for their flooring needs. This flooring comes from palms grown in coconut plantations that are being removed due to the fact that they are not as productive anymore and are then replaced with younger palms that produce more. As palms get taller eventually the nutrients do not reach the nuts diminishing production. This is when these palms are removed and before were left unused until San Francisco based Smith & Fong Company saw the opportunity to turn this agricultural waste into palm flooring.

Durapalm flooring is an exotic wood that is richly colored as dark as cherry and has a striking grain pattern. The company only uses the outer third of a one foot diameter tree as this is the hardest and darkest part of the tree whereas the core is light and soft therefore not used. The logs are cut with a special process then sliced and kiln dried before lamination. Layers are laminated together with a non-toxic adhesive keeping the environmental value of the product intact to form a ¾ "board.

When finished Durapalm flooring looks and feels like solid wood with a thick enough top layer that can stand up to five sandings. Durapalm is used in custom homes particularly for living rooms giving that dark exotic ambiance. It is used for more expensive renovations as it retails at about $8.99 a square foot. Even if this beautiful exotic wood is currently out of your price range check it out and put it on your wish list!

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