Golden Arowana bamboo flooring has the highest quality standards

The company that manufacturers Golden Arowana bamboo flooring is Wellmade Wooden & Bamboo Products located in Nanjing China. This company has incorporated quality control processes to ensure the highest quality bamboo flooring is made. Wellmade is one of the first bamboo flooring manufacturers in China they ensure from harvest to manufacturing that quality is foremost and provide excellent customer service. You can rest assured they workers are paid fairly and work in a safe environment.

Golden Arowana bamboo flooring is made of bamboo that is a renewable natural resource making it an environmentally friendly product. Bamboo is a fast growing plant that can be harvested in 5-6 years compared to decades for hardwoods. There is also not need for replanting as harvesting does not destroy the plant. It is harder than red oak and due to natural characteristic more resistant to moisture than most hardwoods. Many consumers love the unique appearance that bamboo gives their homes.

When manufacturing Golden Arowana bamboo flooring Wellmade uses European EN 1 standard which are stricter than US standards. Low formaldehyde glue is used to ensure healthy flooring for your family. The finish that they use is the Treffert system which is used on hardwood flooring. It consists of an 8 coat finish and does not contain any harmful chemicals and does not harmful emissions. Dirt and dust are repelled by antistatic properties in the finish. These floors can be refinished several times as needed.

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