Hawa bamboo flooring takes your health and safety into consideration

Hawa bamboo flooring is manufactured with strict specifications in order to meet the stringent US building standards ensuring a quality product. The Mao species bamboo is not harvested until 4-6 years so that hardiness, stability and clarity of color are ensured. Eight coats of a durable finish are applied that contains aluminum oxide whereas some companies just apply 3-6 coats.

Your health and safety is taken into consideration with Hawa bamboo flooring as formaldehyde levels are low at 0.011ppm. They use low formaldehyde adhesives which cost more but realize formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Unlike some bamboo companies Hawa has inventory in the US located in Sayreville, New Jersey to fulfill orders for their distributors in a reasonable amount of time.

There are a number of different product lines that Hawa bamboo flooring carries. They have solid bamboo flooring, engineered, distressed and stained bamboo flooring. A number of different accessories are also available with the bamboo flooring. Their finish is warranted for 25 years under normal conditions and that the floor has been properly maintained. They will replace any uninstalled boards that the installer is not satisfied with.

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