Lauzon wood flooring can stand up to life with its incredible wear resistance 

Lauzon wood flooring is a product worth taking a look at not only for its outstanding appearance but its incredible wear resistance. Their finish Polynium + with Sunshield is one of the best in the industry at protecting your floors from heavy traffic while still allowing the beauty of your floors to shine through. This finish is one of the smoothest and your floors can be refinished without having to be sanded down to the wood which saves a lot of mess.

The Sunshield technology in Lauzon wood flooring finish protects your floors from the sun and prevents yellowing of your floors. They also have Ultra- Fresh which provides long lasting resistance to microbes, bacteria and molds that can deteriorate your floors. Your investment in your floors is well protected with this finish and their beauty for years to come. Many consumers comment on the quality of the precision machining on these floors.

Lauzon wood flooring offers a wide selection of species and colors to suit any décor with their Classics Collection. The Northern Classics made from Canadian northern forests which are the hardest on the continent have a fine grain and subtle color variation. The Country Classics offer a more rustic appearance with heavier graining and more color to add the comforting warmth of character to any room. The International Classics offers exotic species from all over the world. Check out these quality products from a company that is an industry leader that has built its reputation on excellence, reliability and environmental commitment.

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