Lisbon cork flooring offers exceptional beauty and comfort

Lisbon cork flooring offers you exceptional beauty and comfort at the same time. Cork provides you with extremely comfortable floors as it is a great insulator against heat and cold. It provides a comfortable cushioned surface making it a great choice for many rooms such as a family room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Many people love that Lisbon cork flooring is an environmentally friendly product. This is due to the fact that the cork is harvested by peeling the bark without damaging the tree and the tree is ready to harvest again in about nine years. These floors are warm for your feet and also extremely durable while still being easy to maintain.

Lisbon cork flooring also make your home more tranquil by insulating against sound. It also provides a healthy environment for your family as cork contains a natural substance that resists bacteria and molds. Cork warms and enriches any décor not to mention the comfort it provides so be sure to check out this unique product.

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