Mirage hardwood flooring known and awarded for its superior quality

Mirage hardwood flooring has been named as a leader for the fourth year in a row amongst retailers. These floors have a warm and rich character that is built to last. Mirage prefinished hardwood floors are manufactured by Boa-Franc and offer the largest varieties of wood species, colors, grades, strip widths and finishes. The wear layer of Mirage engineered products is comparable to a ¾” solid product allowing it to be sanded 3-5 times in its life making it last a lifetime. They have an extensive network of authorized dealers that provide excellent customer service and advice.

Superior quality is what Mirage hardwood flooring is known for due to its consistent grade, width, coloring and thickness. It is popular among installers as it is easy to install. The superior performance of Mirage floors is due to the state of the art technology used to manufacture the product coupled with the passion of their employees. Quality control is ensured every step so that every board in your box is of the highest quality.

Boa-Franc who manufactures Mirage hardwood flooring buys from responsible wood suppliers and provides financial support for reforestation and a wood cull recycling program. Their concern for the environment is seen in their actions such as using non-toxic manufacturing products. The quality of Mirage flooring boils down to ensuring quality during every step from drying the wood to milling the perfect tongue and groove to superior sanding to uniform staining and providing the most durable finish. Check out this quality product that gives you piece of mind.

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