Miro cork flooring provides a tranquil environment to recharge

Miro cork flooring is a beautiful durable product by Lisbon Cork. Not only is cork extremely durable but it provides a lot of comfort with its natural cushion. Strain on your legs and back is relieved by the shock absorbing qualities of cork making it great for kitchens.

Peace and quiet is another great benefit of Miro cork flooring. Cork minimizes sound transmission within your home providing a tranquil environment for you to rest and recharge your batteries. Many consumers love how warm a cork floor is due to its natural thermal insulating properties. Even with bare feet cork floors are warm to the touch and provide a consistent temperature no matter what time of year it is.

Miro cork flooring also provides a hygienic and healthy environment for your family as cork contains a natural substance that resists bacteria and molds. A vacuum and a mop is all that is required to keep your floors looking great. For many the appeal of cork is that it is an environmentally friendly product as the bark of the cork tree is peeled without hurting the tree and grows back.

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