Springwood bamboo flooring is a stylish alternative to hardwood

Springwood bamboo flooring is known for its superior stability and is more stable than hardwood flooring. These floors expand and contract less than traditional wood floors and are a stylish alternative to hardwood. For thousands of years bamboo has been used in Asia as a construction material and has stood the test of time. Springwood is a known leader in the manufacturing of bamboo flooring.

For those that love warm feet Springwood bamboo flooring is one of the few brands that are compatible with radiant floor heating. Bamboo floors are a great choice for those who want an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Bamboo fits this bill since it is fast growing ready to be harvested in 4-6 years and the harvesting does not harm the plant.

An extremely durable finish that contains aluminum oxide is applied to Springwood bamboo flooring during manufacturing. This provides increased durability and protection against scratches and dents. Bamboo has beautiful grains and natural color that is created through steaming the bamboo which is called carbonized. The color is throughout the board unlike staining which is just on the surface. Be sure to check out this beautiful unique flooring.

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