When purchasing Teragren bamboo flooring you're buying from a reliable company 

Teragren bamboo flooring is made from Moso bamboo and only harvested when it is mature at 5-6 six years old. Their bamboo flooring is 25 percent harder than red oak and 12 percent harder than North American maple. Due to a patented manufacturing process their strand bamboo flooring is twice as hard as oak.

The finish that is used on Teragren bamboo flooring is warranted for 25 years for residential and 5 years for commercial use. They use low formaldehyde adhesives that exceed the industry standards. For their butcher blocks they use non-formaldehyde glues.Teragren is the only company that has full range of coordinating flooring, stair parts and trim, architectural casing, panels, floor vents, veneer, edge banding, and butcher block countertops to enhance you design.

When purchasing Teragren bamboo flooring you’re buying from a reliable company that controls manufacturing and product quality. Teragren not only offers you a great price but also provides good warranties and prompt technical service. You are able to install their flooring over radiant floor heating. They use state of the art manufacturing equipment and have 11 check points for quality assurance.

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