Tigerwood flooring has a beautiful tiger-like appearance

Tigerwood flooring is an exotic species from Latin America mainly Brazil with a beautiful tiger-like appearance. When looking at this stunning species it is easy to see where it got its name from as it has a background color that ranges from orangey tan to deep reddish brown that has striping that can vary from fine lines to bold veins. Exposure to sun will darken Tigerwood’s background color to a slightly redder tone which makes the striping more subtle.

Extreme durability and its beautiful exotic appearance make Tigerwood flooring a popular choice when looking at hardwoods. It is one of the most durable woods and hardest being 27 percent harder than maple. Besides flooring this species is used to build fine furniture, boats, paneling and shutters. When working with tigerwood it is difficult to saw so carbide-tipped blades will be needed. Nails hold well but pre-boring is recommended as well blue holds well but should be preset.

Tigerwood flooring sands fairly easily also is easy to polish and stains well. Ensure that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer as this species takes time to dry properly to prevent degrading. It is available as a prefinished or unfinished product and various widths of planks are available. Be sure to check out this extremely beautiful, exotic and durable flooring.

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