Bamboo flooring durability has made it a popular trend

Bamboo floors have become a very popular trend these days. Bamboo flooring durability has been one component of that popularity. Another reason is bamboo floors stunning appearance and ability to give the consumer a really unique floor. Many consumers are also choosing bamboo due to its environmental benefit. It is very fast growing and can be harvested from the same plant in 3-5 years. This makes it a very renewable and sustainable resource that is attractive to green consumers.

Another great benefit of bamboo is it is as hard as Maple and more stable and harder than Red Oak. It has a higher hardeness rating than most hardwoods and this contributes to bamboo flooring durability. Bamboo floors are more resilient and take a greater impact than most hardwoods without damage. The resiliency gives more give to the floor giving your feet and back a break that they deserve. Bamboo is also naturally moisture resistant making it a great choice for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. This moisture resistance also makes it more resilient to stains.

There are various plank constructions, accessories, shades and stain colors that you are able to choose from to enhance your home. Bamboo floors are easy to install and also easy to maintain. Bamboo flooring durability and its striking natural beauty make it easy to understand why it is so popular. Check out the great online merchants for some amazing prices and see for yourself why bamboo is such a great product.

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