Bamboo flooring samples are key to getting what you want

Bamboo flooring samples are important to get so you have a good idea of what your floor will look like. There are three different color ranges of bamboo:

1.       Natural- blond in color providing a light contemporary look

2.       Carbonized-honey brown to darker rich browns. The bamboo is subjected to steam and pressure which cause the sugar content in the fibers to darken. The amount of carbonization determines the color. Carbonized bamboo is softer than natural bamboo which is harder than oak but still as hard as maple.

3.       Stained-creates dark rich hues in floors.

It is also important to get bamboo flooring samples to make sure you get the style that you want. There are three styles of bamboo flooring.

1.       Horizontal – the strips of bamboo are laid horizontally then laminated together. This allows you to see the growth rings and provides an exotic feel.

2.       Vertical –the bamboo is on its side and then laminated together showing long slim rows creating a more contemporary look.

3.       Strand woven –is the most durable and comes in many colors.

You can also get bamboo flooring samples in a couple of textures. You can get handscraped bamboo which creates a more rustic feel to a room. This is a textured look that creates an antique feel to the bamboo and the warmth of years of use. Most of the bamboo samples have a smooth finish and are free of any texture.

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