Bamboo flooring offers a striking natural looking beauty



Choosing the perfect covering for your floors is no easy task these days with the fantastic selection of products on the market. We are wanting to provide you with valuable information on the features and benefits of bamboo flooring so you can decide if it is the product of choice for your room. Over the past while there has been a growing trend towards building with environmental-friendly products. Consumers and businesses while wanting to make improvements to their premises are not wanting to make a negative impact on the rainforests.   The bamboo cane is considered a grass and is extremely fast growing compared to hardwoods, it can be harvested in 3-5 years whereas wood takes 15-25 years to reach maturity. Since bamboo is a grass it can be harvested again and again from the same plant making bamboo flooring a very renewable resource. The increased demand for wood flooring has put a strain on timber resources. Bamboo hardwood flooring has many of the same qualities that attract customers to hardwood flooring such as its low maintenance, durability, and outstanding unique looks but without the environmental concerns of hardwoods. Bamboo floors have become the consumers environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood which to many is a huge benefit.


Bamboo floors are also popular because of their striking natural looking beauty. Bamboo is available in its light, natural color or in darker shades produced by carbonization, a manufacturing process that subjects the bamboo to steam and pressure. This causes a darkening of the sugar content in its fibers resulting in a honey-brown color.  The length of the process determines the shade of the color. Bamboo flooring now comes in many different colors enabling it to compliment any interior design. Most manufacturers produce this product pre-finished. Bamboo pre-finished and site-finished flooring comes with accessories, stair parts, panels and veneers. The appearance of bamboo hardwood flooring is further enhanced by the various plank constructions. The choices available are vertical or horizontal solid construction, engineered construction, and woven stranded construction.


Due to its flexibility and great benefits bamboo floors can be used for a variety of styles and applications. It is also competitively priced less expensive than many hardwoods and easy to fit. It can be installed using three methods. The first being the floating floor method which involves gluing the tongue and groove joints of the bamboo covering together over an underlay. The second method is secret nailing where the bamboo is secretly nailed to a wood sub-floor. The third method is gluing down where the bamboo is glued right to a sub-floor.


Bamboo is as hard as Maple and 50 % more stable and harder than Red Oak making it stronger than most hardwoods. Bamboo coverings are actually more resilient and take a greater impact than most hardwoods without denting. Since bamboo cane’ s grow in tropical regions this makes it naturally resistant to moisture. This makes it a good choice for areas such as kitchen and bathroom. Since it is resistant to moisture this makes it also resistant to spills therefore more resilient to stains. The likeliness of gapping, cupping, or warping is greatly reduced due to it being a laminated product. With its hard wearing properties, environmental benefits and unique natural beauty makes bamboo hardwood flooring the choice for many homeowners for years to come. We have carefully selected a few merchants who offer this outstanding product.




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