Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring a unique exotic look

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is the most popular hardwood flooring imported from Brazil to the USA. Known in South America as Jatoba this popularity is well deserved due to its great appearance, hardness and durability. Open-grained like Oak, but more than twice as hard, this wood features dark brown or black streaks contrasting with a background of reddish-brown color.  It is a great choice in both residential and commercial applications.


All hardwoods change color after they are installed or when they are exposed to light. Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring has a dramatic color change over time like domestic cherry.  This is due to a process called oxidation which changes the cherry from the milled tan/salmon color to a deep, rich reddish-brown color. This color change occurs very fast when exposed to direct sunlight. In indirect sunlight oxidation is slower occurring over several months, with most noticeable change occurring within three months.


When you purchase Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring it is always recommended that you move area rugs often during the first year after installation. Water – based finishes tend to retard the color change while oil- based enhance the color change process. Some companies are buying cherry only from companies that practice sustainable forest practices also reforestation occurs substantially faster in Brazil’ s tropical climate.  With its incredible durability and exotic warm look Brazilian cherry is well worth taking a look at!


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