Cleaning hardwood floors is important to protect your investment

Cleaning hardwood floors is important to keep your floors looking their best and protecting your investment. Your floors need to be swept or vacuumed with a hard floor brush that doesn’ t scratch your floor on a regular basis. Dirt and debris is your floors arch enemy as they scratch the finish. The amount of traffic in the room will determine how often it needs to be swept.


When cleaning hardwood floors a slightly damp mop is all that is needed followed by a dry mop. Once in a while they can be washed with a ¼ cup of white vinegar to one gallon of water. Excess water as in spills need to be wiped up immediately and you do not want water seeping between boards as it can cause them to swell. Do not use ammonia based or oil based soaps as they dull the finish of your floor.


Some manufacturers recommend hardwood floor cleaners when cleaning hardwood floors so check your manufacturer’ s recommendations. Besides cleaning preventative maintenance solutions should be put in place for your floors. Put area rugs in high traffic area such as by a sink to protect from splashes and door entrances to trap dirt. Make sure your furniture has felt pads on the legs to prevent scratching. Cleaning and preventative maintenance will keep your floors looking great for years.

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