Cleaning laminate flooring is the key to keeping your floors looking brand new 

Dirt is the downfall of many laminate floors as it makes the floor look dull from scratches. Cleaning laminate flooring is the best defense to prevent your floor from looking dull and old. A good daily and preventative maintenance routine will keep your floors looking their best.

-Sweep or vacuum up loose dirt from your floor using a hard floor attachment that prevents scratching. Then for stuck on dirt a damp mop can be used to clean making sure not to saturate the floor.

 -Standing water is not good for your floor and needs to be wiped up immediately.

-When cleaning laminate flooring warm water should be used as it evaporates faster. Some manufacturers recommend vinegar & water (1cup to 1 gallon) or ammonia & water (1/3 cup to 1 gallon) to clean your floors when dirty. Certain manufacturers only recommend their laminate floor cleaner so be sure to check with your floorings manufacturer so that your warranty is not damaged.

-Avoid soap-based cleaners and citrus based products that can leave your floor looking dull due to the film that is left behind. Do not use abrasive cleaners and steel wool as they can damage the finish on your floor.

Cleaning laminate flooring for spots

Wine, juice, chocolate can be cleaned up with warm water or a solution of ammonia and water or laminate floor cleaner.

Permanent marker, paint, heel marks and tar can be removed by using alcohol or nail polish remover that has acetone in it.

Gum and candle wax can easily cleaned by first hardening with ice then carefully scraping with a blunt object.

Preventative maintenance tips

-Tables and chairs should have felt pads to prevent scratching.

-Prevent dirt from being tracked in by placing door mats at entrances.

Small damage can be repaired by touch-up kits while large damage the entire plank will need replacing.  By keeping a good routine of daily and preventative maintenance you’ll get years of enjoyment out of your floors.  

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