Columbia laminate flooring adds style to your home

Columbia laminate flooring can add style and value to your home. Columbia Flooring is a leading manufacturer of laminate flooring with over 40 years experience. They offer an array of beautiful wood grains or natural tiles with revolutionary textures and embossing. They give you the look of a hardwood floor with easy maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying yourself. Routine cleaning requires only to vacuum, use a dust mop, or a damp (not wet) mop, and dry with a clean cloth. The only product that you will need to use to clean your floor regularly is Columbia Flooring Cleaner.

Uniclic is a innovative system for installing Columbia laminate flooring without using glue. This system enables you to work 50% faster than with traditional, glued laminated flooring. Since there is no glue it is much easier and cleaner to work with. These strong durable laminate floors are easy to install, perfect for a do-it-yourself project and are warrantied for a lifetime of active family living.

Columbia laminate flooring is not suitable for use in damp areas such as bathrooms or saunas. Laminate flooring should acclimate for 48 hours, in its original packing where it is to be installed. An expansion gap must be provided at all walls. One of the major benefits of this type of floor is you can walk on it immediately after installation. You’ll love what Columbia flooring can do for your home.

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