Cork flooring Canada has become very popular since cork is such a green product 

When looking for cork flooring Canada there are many great companies to choose from. Cork has become a very popular product due to its durability and extreme comfort. These floors are very comfortable especially if you are standing for a long time in the kitchen. They are also known as a warm floor and quiet floor due to the many cells in the composition of cork.

Cork flooring Canada has become very popular since cork is such a green product. Cork is a natural product and the harvest of it does not damage the cork oak tree making it a truly sustainable resource. Cork flooring offers a unique appearance with rich colors and patterns to enhance your décor.

One company to take a look at when shopping for cork flooring Canada is BuildDirect. They offer quality cork direct from Portugal a major region that cork oak trees grow at the best pricing. They are based out of Vancouver BC and ship almost anywhere in the world. They find the most efficient route and cost with their software in order to save you money. Your shipment is constantly tracked and they provide excellent customers service. Check out some of the great Canadian companies that supply cork.

BuildDirectNew Styles of Cork Flooring

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