Cork flooring prices offer excellent value for the consumer

Cork flooring prices are similar to that of common hardwood brands and close to a good quality ceramic floor tile. Installation costs are greater for glue down applications due to floor preparation being extremely important and repair if needed is more difficult. Floating cork floor installation costs are similar to hardwood and many people are saving even more by doing it themselves. This type of floor is great for renovations as it can be installed over most hard surfaces such as vinyl floor covering, wood flooring and ceramic tile saving on the labour of removing these floorings.

All the great benefits of cork for some consumers outweights the increased costs of cork flooring prices in comparison to other types of flooring. Cork comes in many colors and has a beauty rivaled by few other natural materials. It offers such comfort and shock absorption due to its cellular structure providing relief for your feet, back and legs.  This same cellular structure gives cork a powerful sound deadening quality to it. This noise reduction quality can add a lot of serenity to your home.

The health and safety benefits of cork are also another great benefit of this type of floor. For people that have allergies cork has a natural occurring substance called suberin which repels insects, mites and mold making if hypoallergenic. With all the added benefits of cork you might want to consider this excellent product for one of your rooms. Check out some of the great online merchant as they are able to offer you some great cork flooring prices.

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