Cork flooring tiles offer depth and richness

The depth and richness that cork flooring tiles offer is very unique. Besides its beautiful appearance cork flooring tiles have many features and benefits to offer.This type of floor is extremely comfortable providing relief for your feet back and legs. Its cellular structure traps air and provides this natural shock absorbing feel to the floor. If you happen to be a clutz in the kitchen cork provides great noise reduction when something drops. It also has natural properties that are anti-allergenic and resistant to insects.


Durability is a strong trait of cork that is why it is used both residentially as well as commercial applications where they have lasted under heavy foot traffic for many years. Cork floors can be installed by being glued-down or floated over a variety of sub-floors such as wood, concrete slabs and some types of existing floors. Some cork flooring tiles have a specially designed, tongue-and-grooved, moisture resistant inner core to secure the tiles together.


Cork flooring tiles are environmentally friendly and cork is considered a renewable resource.It comes in many colors and different manufacturers provide various tile shapes. Cork tiles are available either with untreated surface finishes to which flooring urethane must be applied after installation or pre-finished with urethane. Cork is one of the easiest floor coverings to maintain. With a little regular light cleaning, your floor should outlast the one in Chicago’s First Congregational Church and it’s been is use since 1890 now that’s durability! We recommend you check out this great product with all its great features.

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