Cork plank flooring offers simple and fast installation


Cork plank flooring gives you the natural beauty or cork but it is even easier and faster to install.Floating floor planks can be installed practically anywhere and do not require the intensive labour to install as other types of floors do. They are extremely durable and stand up to the heaviest of traffic. Cork floating floors require very little maintenance and will last for years. 


Another benefit of cork plank flooring is that the floor preparation before installation is minimal and it can be placed over any type of sub-surface with the exception of carpet. A moisture barrier of 6 ml polyethylene should be laid between floating floor planks and concrete. Installation costs may be reduced due to the ease and speed of installation of floating floors.


The expansion and contraction is less noticable with cork than with wood flooring. Cork plank flooring should still be acclimatized at normal-living temperature and humidity levels as the room in which its going to be installed. Check the flooring manufacturer for specific details.This type of flooring can be installed below grade and is available in patterns which is a plus to many consumers. Check out the great prices on this excellent product from some great online merchants. 

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