Distressed hardwood floors add character and are stunning

Distressed hardwood floors have become a popular choice among homeowners that desires the beauty of a reclaimed floor from the past in a new, wood product. Although very pricey these floors do look stunning and give the appearance of a hardwood floor from the past that has a lot of character. Besides distressed hardwood floors manufacturers also offer handscraped hardwood floors. The distressed are generally done by machine while the handscraped hardwood planks are done manually.


The cost of distressed hardwood floors is lower than handscraped as high labor costs are lowered with machinery. The problem with machine distressing is the repetition of the pattern as you look across the floor you see the same pattern repeating. Although handscraping is more costly to do, each plank has a more unique look over a machine distressed plank. Although for some consumers the savings is worth the repetition in pattern.


Distressed hardwood floors can come pre-finished and are have excellent durability.  This creates convenience and speed of installation for the contractor and homeowner alike. With the changes of humidity in your home pre-finished floors are better enabled for each plank to move independently. If the cost does not deter you distressed or handscraped floors can add a lot of character and beauty to your home.


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