Dupont laminate flooring adds depth and realism to your floor 

Dupont laminate flooring takes pride in their ability to provide you with the look of real natural wood. Their special features will have all your company thinking that you have real wood, ceramic, or stone on your floors. With their Real Touch Embossed-In-Register  technology it brings an authentic look and feel of natural wood and ceramic. Dupont’s MicroBevel technology embosses a subtle micro bevel between each laminate wood strip creating more depth and realism to the floor.

Their Comfort Underlayment makes installation faster, provides comfort and helps in noise reduction. The joint Guard feature of Dupont laminate flooring extends the life of your floor. Their InterPlank Design combines two planks to complete one woodgrain strip which reduces installation time. It also features the Self-Alignment System which is an automatic continuation of the pattern between planks which also makes installation simpler and faster.

Dupont laminate flooring has FastDesign which provides you with sophisticated design choices that are easy to install. They have a Multi-Direction Design that now enables you to have a complex random stone pattern at a fraction of the price of the real thing. Their Multi-Direction Design allows unbroken design strips to run across the planks in all four directions. Dupont has the ability to realistically simulate the look of hardwood, ceramic and stone while offering the features of stain resistance, wear and moisture resistance in addition to lower cost.

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