For striking deep rich colors take a look at gingerwood flooring

If you are looking for a striking floor that has deep rich colors you might want to take a look at gingerwood flooring. It is not the grain of this wood which is pretty straight and not really visible but the color that provides the striking appearance of this flooring.


When gingerwood flooring is first cut the wood is very light in color and yellow. The wood will change to a deep golden color overtime usually a few weeks to months. This wood is easy to finish but you will achieve a richer color with a oil based stain. The color of gingerwood  is a comfortable color that provides flexibility with interiors.


The color of gingerwood flooring is such a good balance between cool and warm tones that the color is being used as a stain in other species such as oak. There is also a gingerwood laminate flooring available from Lamtom that is easy to install without the use of glue or adhesives. It is resistant to fading, stain, impact damage, scratches, and fire. Besides its great appearance it is an easy floor to live with due to the ease of maintenance.

Best Seller-Lamton 12 mm Beveled Edge Narrow Board Laminate Floors-Gingerwood-$1.37 /sq ft
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