Greenwood bamboo flooring uses quality bamboo strips

Greenwood bamboo flooring is desired by consumers due to its design, elegance, unique color and grain. They offer a wide variety of bamboo floor lengths, widths and colors. Different styles are also available such as engineered, hand scraped and stained. Veneer and panels are also available giving interior designers more creative options. Bamboo has a natural striking beauty that makes it a warm inviting, environmentally friendly floor that can be enjoyed for a long time.

The many different variables involved in manufacturing bamboo floors makes quality vary greatly from different manufacturers. Greenwood bamboo flooring manufacturers use quality materials to ensure an exceptional product. They are careful what they buy so that your flooring will last. The part of the bamboo that is not suitable for flooring is used to make paper, chopsticks and toothpicks so almost 100% of the bamboo is used. Harvesting of bamboo generally takes place in 3-5 years. When the culm is allowed to continue growing until 6-8 years greater hardiness is achieved and this is the age range required by Greenwood.

Greenwood bamboo flooring is made of quality bamboo strips that are visually inspected for quality control and necessary in making a premium bamboo product. Another step Greenwood takes to ensure a great product is they require their manufacturers to use a high quality glue that exceeds most indoor air quality requirements for formaldehyde emission. Some Chinese glue is low in strength retention and high in formaldehyde. They also now stock a formaldehyde-free, premium quality product in addition to their low formaldehyde bamboo flooring. Greenwood goes to great lengths to ensure a quality product for the consumer.

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