Learn how to pick laminate flooring and what to watch out for 

This article is going to take a look at how to pick laminate flooring for your home. Today there are so many choices in the marketplace that it can send your head spinning trying to choose the right laminate. Choose a color that works well with the décor of your home. The laminate needs to work well with the woods already in your home and your trim work that is in place. The amount of traffic that the room will have may also influence your color choice. A darker color may show more dirt than a lighter color depending on the tones of your soil where you live. Choose a color that works well with your particular lifestyle.


When looking at how to pick laminate flooring it is important to determine your budget and work within that budget. Laminate flooring is available in cores from 6mm to 12mm and you probably want a core that is at least 10mm as this laminate is more stable resisting buckling. Quality is important as you do not want to see wear and tear after 3-5 years. Another important consideration is to look at the locking system that it is solid and creates a nice flat seam.


The warranty is also important to look at when considering how to pick laminate flooring. Make sure you take a good look at the warranty to make sure the company is standing by its product. Take a look at consumer reviews to see how others have rated the product. This can be done online or check out consumer reports magazine and see which laminate products that they recommend. Consumer Reports can be seen online or can usually be found at your local library.

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