For a great rustic floor take a look at knotty alder flooring

If you want a rustic looking floor then knotty alder flooring might be the right choice for you. Alder with is related to birch is white when first cut but when exposed to air changes to a light brown with a reddish of yellow tinge. The different grades provide different appearances. The first grade is free of knot and color variation while the second grade is varied. The last grade contains the most knot and imperfections.


Alder is used for making furniture and cabinets. The wood finishes smoothly and knotty alder flooring takes to stain well. It is easy to cut but blades should be sharp. It holds nails and screws satisfactorily and finishes easily. This wood is dried easily and  maintains dimensional stability.


Keep in mind that knotty alder flooring is a soft hardwood so that over time it will have more of an antique look from wear and tear. For some this rustic look is very appealing but for others it is not so it is important to keep this in mind in determining if this is the flooring for you.

Best Seller-Jasper 5" Hand Scraped Alder Hardwood Floors - Merbau Stain-$3.08 /sq ft
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