Laminate flooring underlayment attached vs separate which is the best 


Is laminate flooring underlayment attached vs separate the better way to go is the question many consumers find themselves wondering. Attached underlayment was really developed for the do-it-your-selver to make installing laminate easier and faster. With this convenience comes an extra cost so you need to decide do I have more time than money. Another important consideration with attached underlay is to make sure that you have the proper underlay for your particular installation.


Where your laminate installation is occurring most importantly will also determine whether you choose laminate flooring underlayment attached vs separate. When installing on a concrete sub floor a vapor barrier is a must as all contact with concrete is to be avoided. So if you are going to be laying a vapor barrier anyways an attached might not be the way to go. This is extremely important as concrete can store a lot of moisture which could ruin your floor. Many manufacturers warranty is void if the proper vapor barrier is not used so always consult with the manufacturer of your laminate flooring as to their installation specifications.


Laminate flooring underlayment has a number of purposes such as leveling out slight sub floor imperfections and absorbing sound. Since the floor is a floating floor as it is not attached the underlayment helps make the floor quieter as you walk across it also provides a cushier feel. There are a variety of underlayment available and combination ones depending on your needs. Besides laminate flooring underlayment attached vs separate there is also noise reduction underlay. This type of underlay is important when you are concerned about the noise transmission to the floor below.


There are combination underlays that combine the vapor barrier and the underlay in one. The common underlays available are foam, foam/film combinations, closed cell foam for increased acoustic protection and cork. There are a number of choices for the consumer to decide besides laminate flooring underlayment attached vs separate. It is always best to consult your flooring manufacturer’ s recommendations and keep in mind the location that the laminate flooring is going to be installed.

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