Laminate flooring is great for todays active households


Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing one laminate flooring has become a popular choice for todays active households. Laminate floors have become the perfect solution for people that love the look and appeal of hardwoods but not the price or upkeep of them. Laminate flooring has become very cost effective solution and can be half the cost of hardwoods. It is available in a variety of wood tones and has an embossing feature that gives a realistic three – dimensional look to your floor. There is a wide selection of brands in many different designs, sizes and colors. They come with cores ranging from 6mm up to 12mm, a thicker core is more stable and less vulnerable to buckling. When buying discount laminating flooring make sure it has a good core so you’ re not seeing wear and tear after three to five years.


Another great feature of laminate flooring that consumers are loving, is the ease of installation. Laminate floor is a great product for do-it-yourself installations and is designed to be installed as a “ floating floor” right on top of any existing flooring except carpet. If you are laying laminate over a concrete floor you should lay down a damp proof membrane (DPM) first to protect the laminate from moisture. On top of this goes an underlay which is very easy to install. They provide extra comfort for walking, added heat and sound insulation. Many manufacturers now offer DPM and underlay combined and some offer them pre-fitted to the bottom of the flooring. Most manufacturers offer a complete package of trims and moldings to enhance the look of your floor. 


  Laminate does not fasten directly to the sub-floor. Most systems today fit together with a click system which is extremely easy and fast to fit. They have a special tongue and groove that you simple place the tongue of one plank into the grove of another at an angle and press down. Most floors require no glue but some are pre-glued at the factory and only require a damp sponge to re-activate the adhesive. Some floors do require a specially formulated glue to be applied to each of the plank edges. Manufacturers use sophisticated computerized technology that creates very accurate milled shape that makes it possible to create a very tight connection. When buying discount laminating flooring make sure the locking systems are strong and create a flat seam.


Many consumers love that laminate floor comes pre-finished. There is no need for sanding or for even having to move out of your home while you install the new floor. The floor can be walked on right away. The top wear layer is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Ordinary vacuuming or sweeping with the occasional wiping with a manufacturer recommended cleaner is all it takes to maintain your floors. It is also impervious to most stains, spills, burns and extremely scratch and dent resistant. Remember to scrutinize the warranty when buying discount laminating flooring as certain products are not covered for use in bathrooms and kitchens. If consumers want a warm wood look in their home, durability, and the best quality for the money, laminate is an exceptionally good choice. Check out some of the great prices online stores are able to offer you as they don’ t have the same overhead costs as retail stores. We have carefully selected a few merchants who offer this outstanding product line at unbelievable prices.





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