Mannington laminate flooring is a quality product

Mannington laminate flooring offers you the natural beauty of wood or stone but with the easy maintenance and durability of a laminate. Mannington has been a leader in the flooring industry for 85 years. They have been nationally recognized as a genuine leader in product and design accomplishments. Their patented NatureForm embossing process allows them to create the most realistic laminate flooring with incredible three-dimensional textures.


High-pressure laminate floors use glue to hold the plastic laminate to the core which can sometimes come apart. Mannington laminate flooring has a ThermoComposite technology that instead of glue thermal-set plastic resins are forced through three layers and into the fibers of the EcoCore. EcoCore is made from recycled wood materials and is a superstrong, high-density fiberboard that can withstand denting from the heaviest piece of furniture.


Many of the patterns of Mannington laminate flooring feature a built-in finish that improves your floor’s ability to take the daily wear-n-tear of kids, pets, etc. and makes clean-up a breeze. Their laminate wood floors and laminate stone floors include aluminum oxide which is second only to diamonds in hardness giving them incredible wear and stain resistance. Mannington stands by its product and offers strong, reliable warranties. We highly recommend checking out this quality product.


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