There are a lot of pro's when looking at the pro's and cons of natural cork flooring 

When taking a look at the pro’s and cons of natural cork flooring you’ll see that cork has a lot of benefits to it. One of the first being is its natural beauty which is large in part due to its beautiful unique grain. Besides its great looks cork is extremely comfortable flooring due to the cellular structure of cork that traps air. This provides a cushion that feels like walking on air for your back and legs. It is also a very warm floor for your feet keeping them comfortable year round.


The cellular structure of cork also makes it a great noise reducer making your home more peaceful. Many consumers appreciate this feature when looking at the pro’s and cons of natural cork flooring. Cork floors are easy to maintain and install. They are extremely durable as they have been used in public churches and libraries since 1898. A natural substance in cork makes it resistant to insects and mold also fire. This substance called suberin also prevents it from rotting when exposed to water. This is why cork flooring is warrantied by some manufacturers for bathrooms. 


There are not a lot of con’s when it comes to looking at the pro’s and con’s of natural cork flooring. Although for some people price may be one of them as it is approximately 4-6 dollars a square foot which does compare to high-end laminates and hardwoods. Another disadvantage for some is the color does fade with exposure to sun just like hardwood. With all the benefits of this unique flooring it is certainly worth taking a look at.


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