There are many advantages when looking at the pros and cons of bamboo flooring 

Bamboo floors have become a hot trend in todays market so lets take a look at the pros and cons of bamboo flooring. One of the most popular advantages of bamboo is that it is eco-friendly and a renewable resource. Bamboo is fast growing grass that can be harvested again and again from the same plant making is renewable. This is also a disadvantage in that some companies are harvesting the bamboo too young before at least four years of age creating floor planks that are soft and can easily dent and warp.

When looking at the pros and cons of bamboo flooring you need to look at what a stunning, unique floor bamboo gives you. Its appearance is outstanding and they are extremely durable, hard and stable. Due to consumer demand they have also become more affordable. Another advantage is they can be installed in almost any room and installation is simple.

There are definitely many advantages to bamboo when looking at the pros and cons of bamboo flooring. If this is the product for you ensure that you buy from a quality manufacturer that harvests the bamboo at the appropriate age. They use a high quality glue with low formaldehyde emissions, use the best part of the bamboo and use quality finishes with low levels of VOC’s. Check the companies warranties, product specifications and Material Safety Data Sheets to ensure quality. Make sure you do your homework and shop around to get the quality you deserve.

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