Reclaimed wood flooring has a rich patina that is unbeatable

The best quality wood comes from old-growth trees which are harder denser and more stable than wood from young trees. Old growth timber usually comes from ancient forests which are a precious and threatened resource. Reclaimed wood flooring gives the benefits of old growth timber without the costs to the environment. The flooring is recycled material salvage from old barns and industrial buildings 100 – 200 years old.

Wood that would otherwise be thrown away is recycled into worthwhile green products that are rich in history with stories to tell. Aged wood has a warmth, stability and a rich patina that is incomparable and not found in new growth timber today. Reclaimed wood flooring is full of character including worm holes, nail holes, weather cracks and a range of colors. Your floor is unique as no two floors are exactly alike.

Vast quantities of old-growth lumber can be found in old warehouses, buildings, bridges and other structures that await deconstruction and reuse. There is no other wood like this in the world and gives an historical significance and undeniable sense of permanence to a new home. Reclaimed wood flooring has a huge aesthetic appeal and is a great environmental product.

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