Recycled wood flooring creates a one of kind unique appearance 

Recycled wood flooring provides a beautiful antique appearance that is rich in character. The wood is recycled from abandoned barns, factories, mills, ships and warehouses that would be torn down. The elements of nature through rain, wind, insects, have carved the wood into an antique look that can not be reproduced. This wood came from old growth forests that the wood was harder and denser than new growth wood.

Salvaged trees from the bottom of lakes and rivers that sank during logging operations years ago are another source for recycled wood flooring. Both the boards from buildings and trees are sent to be milled into a new flooring product. There are many species that are recycled such as chestnut, oak, heart pine, hemlock, cherry, chestnut, ash, elm, and maple.

Some consumer’s desire recycled wood flooring for the antique qualities, structural strength of the wood or just the story and history that the wood represents. These materials require extra care when installing and handling. Certain products may only be available once so additional materials may not be available so you need to be sure on your quantity. Whether this is the flooring for your or not you’re sure to appreciate the beauty in this antique floors.

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