Red oak hardwood flooring has timeless grains and a rich appearance 

 Red oak flooring was the main stay of the Industrial Age being used not only for people’s homes but in the making of railroad ties and wagon wheels. It was used in households and commercially due to it being readily available and due to its great attributes of hardness and adaptability. Today it is just as popular for the noble red oaks great characteristics and its timeless grains and rich appearance.

Much like white oak it is resistant to wear and also contains tannic acid making it resistant to fungi and insects. These characteristics make red oak flooring a great choice. It also has great workability, easy sawing, good nailing and sanding and strong stain contrast because it is more porous. The heart and sapwood are similar in color with the sapwood being lighter and most pieces have a reddish tone making it slightly redder than white oak.

Red oak flooring is available is available in all types, styles and sizes of flooring. Red oak comes in many different options and is very versatile and its affordability ranges from inexpensive to moderate. Red oak with all its great attributes will last a lifetime and give you pure pleasure when you have it in your home.

There is a wide range of choices in sizes, type and finishes for oak hardwood flooring. It comes in finished and pre-finished, solid, engineered, and laminated options. Oak is very versatile and its affordability ranges from inexpensive to moderate. With all the great attributes of the noble oak it is no wonder it is such a popular choice for consumers homes.

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