Stained bamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood

Stained bamboo flooring gives the consumer more color options than the traditional natural blonds and carbonized available before. Bold vibrant stains can add much needed color to your décor. The beautiful grain of the bamboo can still be appreciated with these stains. These floors can be used both in commercial and residential applications.

Environmentally friendly stained bamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood. An oak tree can take 60 years to mature while bamboo can take only 6 years. The bamboo is not harmed during the harvesting process and quickly regrows as it is a grass for another harvest. Bamboo is recognized as an excellent building material and has been used in China for over 5000 years.

Stained bamboo flooring is also very popular because it is cheaper than hardwood. It is extremely durable and stable. A bamboo floor is stronger and denser than many hardwoods also they are moisture and insect resistant. They are easy to maintain and install. With the great attributes of bamboo it is no wonder is has been used for thousands of years and is now becoming a very popular product in North America. Check out the elegant bamboo floors for yourself.

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