Strand bamboo flooring is almost indestructible 

Strand bamboo flooring is extremely dense, heavy and almost waterproof. It is almost indestructible making it very child and pet friendly. It is more exotic looking with more color and grain variations. It works well with other varieties of wood. Strand flooring works well in damp areas and can be used outdoors undercover. It will not dent easy and is useful in high traffic areas either commercial or residential.

The manufacturing process is what makes strand bamboo flooring different. Normally small strips of bamboo are glued side to side or edge to edge whereas strand is made by bamboo strips piled 3 to 4 feet high are compressed under heat and pressure. This is a very environmentally friendly product as nothing is wasted in the manufacturing process. The coloration runs completely through the entire floor.

The surface of strand bamboo flooring is then finished with five coats of aluminum oxide and a coat of anti-scratch finish. This type of floor is twice as hard as red oak and 80 percent harder than maple. Strand flooring is incredible durable that is why it comes with such great warranties such as delamination for a lifetime and 25 years on the wear surface. Check out this incredible beautiful and durable product.


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