When purchasing tigerwood hardwood flooring Spokane buy from a reputable company

When looking for tigerwood hardwood flooring Spokane ensure that you buy from a reputable manufacturer as this species needs proper drying time in order to prevent degrading. One company worth checking out is BuildDirect they obtain the best price for you and provide cost effective shipping. They provide excellent customer service and have very knowledgeable staff that is easy to understand to assist you.

It is a good idea to get a sample when you are looking for tigerwood hardwood flooring  Spokane to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. BuildDirect provides free samples and ensures that you receive your sample promptly. It is easy to see how this beautiful hardwood gets its name with the exotic looking striping. Tigerwood flooring besides its stunning appearance also offers the consumer an extremely durable product.

Tigerwood hardwood flooring Spokane is available as a prefinished or unfinished in a variety of plank widths. This hardwood is 27% harder than maple therefore requires carbide-tipped blades in order to saw. Pre-boring is often recommended when nailing and glue should be preset. This product is easy to sand and take stain well. If you want an absolutely exotic looking floor be sure to check out this beautiful, durable product.

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