White oak hardwood flooring offers outstanding durability

White oak flooring is a very popular choice due to its strength and outstanding durability. It is also sought after for the beauty of its grain and texture and the pure pleasure that it brings into your home. In the days of the tall ship it was used extensively for ship construction due to it being very resistant to moisture and being very easy to work with.

The white oak is light in color with subtle touches of brown highlighting it. Its grain is open with longer rays than red oak and occasional crotches, swirls and burls. White oak flooring is available in all types, styles and sizes of flooring. It has outstanding durability and is 5% harder than red oak. Oak naturally contains tannic acid that protects it from fungi and insects.

White oak flooring has excellent workability making it easy to work with in nailing, sanding, and it absorbs finishes more evenly than red oak. White oak makes excellent hardwood flooring because of its strength and all around durability. The enduring qualities of white oak will make this product last the lifetime of your home and give it the warmth and beauty it deserves.

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