Wide plank flooring offers consumers a timeless beautiful floor that radiates warmth

For a floor of timeless beauty that radiates warmth many consumers turn to wide plank flooring which has been used for centuries. This ageless flooring has many species of wood to choose from such as oak, cherry, hickory, maple, birch, walnut, pine and more. You’ll be able to find a wood that enhances your home and appeals to your senses. The grain, hue and finish that speak to you the most and suit your needs will be your choice.

Wide plank flooring in lighter woods can open up a smaller room and darker woods can lend a more formal feel to a room. Some species will experience a color change and others will show minimal change over the years. A variety of widths of planks are available but the width should suit the room size. A reputable company will have an experienced consultant to help you with your choice.

There are different grades of wide plank flooring to fit many budgets. The floor should be constructed of long length boards so a patchwork look is not attained. These floors are compatible with radiant floor heating as wood is an excellent heat conductor. Ensure the company you deal with dries the wood to the optimal moisture content before the milling so your boards will lay flat. With today’s finishes these beautiful timeless floors can stand up to the daily wear and tear of active families

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